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Volume 10 / Issue 1
[gris]June 2014[/gris]
Ethical and clinical issues

[gris]ISSN 1553-5053[/gris]

Elizabeth Ormart 
Juan Jorge Michel Fariña 

Death before birth
Francois Ansermet 

From sperm to paternal function: Delivery Man, of Ken Scott
Eduardo Laso 

Convene the donor: purposes of its nomination
Valeria Suque Stecklein 

Genetics and psychoanalysis
Jorge Forbes 
Mayana Zatz  

The speaking body
María Elena Domínguez 

«The not-too-distant-future...» Gattaca revisited
Gabriel Belucci 

New perspectives and questions about the advance in reprogenetic. A view over the origin
Adriana Alfano 

The AHRT: impact on family constellations and the identity of its members
Elizabeth Ormart 

Ethics against the intended message of the genes
Gabriela Mercadal 

The legal viewpoint: the statute of the non-implanted embryo
Aída Kemelmajer de Carlucci 
Eleonora Lamm 
Marisa Herrera 

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Current Issue
Volume 15 / Issue 1 Special
New possible readings on The Handmaid’s Tale from an ethical perspective
Elizabeth Ormart 
María Paula Paragis 

The mandate of birth
Irene Cambra Badii 
María Paula Paragis 
Paula Mastandrea 

The edges of a dystopian future
Elizabeth Ormart 

The female body as an instrument
Romina Del Mármol 

Modes of response to patriarchal power relations
Agustina Cuello 

The Handmaid’s Tale: Different discursive frameworks around the sexuality of women and current problems
María Paula Paragis 

A slave state?
Margaret Atwood 

Journalistic material
The author of "The Handmaid’s Tale" confirmed that the Argentine dictatorship was one of her influences

Book review
Bodies and families transformed by assisted reproduction techniques
Paula M. Abelaira 


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