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Volume 8 / Issue 2
[gris]April 2013[/gris]
Bioethics before nazism.
Fritz Jahr : writings 1926-1933

[gris]ISSN 1553-5053[/gris]

Bioethics and the Arts before Nazism : Fritz Jahr´s Essays between 1924-1933
Juan Jorge Michel Fariña 
Natacha Salomé Lima & Irene Cambra Badii 
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Hans Martin Sass 

When bioethics goes marching in
Amir Mazur 
Iva Rincic 

The science of life and moral education. Old discoveries in a new light [1926]
Fritz Jahr 

Bio-Ethics : reviewing the ethical relations of humans towards animals and plants [1927]
Fritz Jahr 

Death and the animals : contemplating the 5th Commandment [1928]
Fritz Jahr 

Animal protection and ethics [1928]
Fritz Jahr 

Social and sexual ethics in the daily press [1928]
Fritz Jahr 

Ways to sexual ethics [1928]
Fritz Jahr 

Egoism and altruism –two basic problems : opposition and alliance in social life [1929]
Fritz Jahr 

Character dictate or freedom of thought ? Thoughts about a liberal model of character education [1930]
Fritz Jahr 

Child and technique [1933]
Fritz Jahr 

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New possible readings on The Handmaid’s Tale from an ethical perspective
Elizabeth Ormart 
María Paula Paragis 

The mandate of birth
Irene Cambra Badii 
María Paula Paragis 
Paula Mastandrea 

The edges of a dystopian future
Elizabeth Ormart 

The female body as an instrument
Romina Del Mármol 

Modes of response to patriarchal power relations
Agustina Cuello 

The Handmaid’s Tale : Different discursive frameworks around the sexuality of women and current problems
María Paula Paragis 

A slave state ?
Margaret Atwood 

Journalistic material
The author of "The Handmaid’s Tale" confirmed that the Argentine dictatorship was one of her influences

Book review
Bodies and families transformed by assisted reproduction techniques
Paula M. Abelaira 


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