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Submission Information

aesthethika© is a refereed international online journal, published twice a year.

aesthethika© seeks theoretical and experimental manuscripts in any disciplinary topic in cultural analysis, psychoanalysis and aesthetics, taken from any epistemological viewpoint and using any methodological approach. We also welcome literature reviews, analytical book reviews, and annotated bibliographies. The aim of the journal is to explore diverse topic areas, methodology issues, pedagogical practices, the state of the discipline, higher education, and the like.
Manuscripts from graduate students are welcome and encouraged.

CALL FOR PAPERS // Volumen 13, Issue 2 – September 2017

Deadline : 15 June 2017

Style Requirements

Manuscript should be submitted to our Chief Editor, who will deliver them to the Editorial Board for blind assessment by two outside reviewers, (1) a faculty member and (2) an advanced Ph.D. student. The Editorial Board members are drawn from a diverse array of universities in different countries whose work and interests reflect the scholarship aesthethika© focuses on.

Manuscripts should be no longer than 25 pages (double-spaced) or 7,000 words (including notes and references). Manuscripts should include an abstract of no more than 200 words and have a detached title page listing your name, institutional affiliation, address, phone number, and email address. If your manuscript is accepted for publication (with suggested revisions or not), you will be asked to resubmit an electronic version of your manuscript (with necessary revisions, if applicable). References should appear at the end of the paper, numbered in order of their appearance in the text, according to the APA rules.

Manuscripts must be submitted as an attachment in an electronic file format in Microsoft Word. No author identifying material is to be contained in the manuscript, including the abstract and references. Author identification marks within the text will automatically invalidate its revision. The covering email message should contain a short description of the manuscript (topic, methodology, number of pages, tables, figures, and graphics).

Graduate students’ manuscripts should be identified in the body of the email : GRADUATE STUDENT. You are supposed to provide authorization for photographs, images (or similar material) attached to the document.

Authors are responsible for reviewing page proofs to correct errors and answer editors’ queries. Prompt return of page proofs is mandatory. Reprints may be ordered at the time page proofs are returned.

Please send manuscripts electronically to :
Juan Jorge Michel Fariña

Please expect 3-4 weeks to receive review notification.

Copyright/Permisos : Los Editores de mantienen el copyright de Aesthethika. Todos los derechos de los materiales aqui publicados estan reservados. Porciones mínimas de estos escritos pueden ser copiados y citados sin permiso de los editores, siempre y cuando la siguiente nota se adjunte a las copias : "Copyright de Copiado con permiso de los Editores". Este permiso es solo válido para un número reducido de copias del material aquí publicado, y sólo para uso académico o didáctico. A tal fin las copias deben ser 1) gratuitas para los estudiantes/ interesados (2) el material copiado debe incluir la nota antedicha y las referencias bibliográficas.

Número Actual
Volumen 15 / Número 1 F
Editorial [pp. 1-2]
24 de Marzo : Arte y memoria
Juan Jorge Michel Fariña 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 3-16]
El derecho a la muerte escrita
Luis Gusmán 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 17-22]
Recordatorios de Página/12 : Poesía Diaria
Gervasio Noailles 
Juan Jorge Michel Fariña 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 23-35]
Memoria e Identidad. Una reflexión desde la Italia postfascista
Alessandro Portelli 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 37-38]
Marcello Gentilli : Trazos de justicia en primera plana
Fabio Norcini 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 39-42]
Marcello Gentili : El silencio sobre la palabra
Jorge Ithurburu 
Marcello Gentili 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 43-44]
Estelle Disch : Fototransformaciones
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 45-49]
Belleza y dolor en la banalidad del mal : poiéticos retratos
Patrizia Dughero 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 51-54]
Antígona o la elección
Marguerite Yourcenar 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 55-56]
Gustavo Rodríguez 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 57-62]
Políticas de la memoria
Eduardo Laso 
[Descargar PDF]
Reseña de libro [pp. 63-67]
Vision of the Children of Evil
Emiliano Bustos 
Lucina Schell 
Silvina Friera 
[Descargar PDF]

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