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Volume 18 / Issue 1
June 2022
New Amsterdam
ISSN 1553-5053

Bioethics Live and Direct in New Amsterdam

Max Goodwin: Medical Ethics and the Ideal of Doing Good

Family Diversity in Full-Time Work

From Terminal Illnesses to Infertility: Convergences and Disagreements

Interventions by a Hospital Psychologist in the Field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques

ART as a Link Between Desire and Biology

The Hardest Goodbye to Say: Gestational Loss

Subjective Responsibility in the Paths of the Desire for a Child

Psychotherapeutic Proposal for Juliet in the Series New Amsterdam

Who Doesn’t Want to Have Sex?

When the Body can’t

The Dilemma of a (Attempted) Suicide

Gender Identity Change in Adolescence

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